Can Gamification Help Give e-learners total recall?

Training Connoisseur

One of the biggest problems that e-learning content creators must overcome is the lack of learner recall. If e-learners walk away from a system with poor levels of recall and limited embedded learning, then the value and effectiveness of any e-learning solution will be called into question. This reduced return on investment (ROI) will impact sales and the learning and development department’s ability to secure future funding for this particular solution.

This is why e-learning solutions developers and buyers should be looking for systems that maximize engagement and learner recall which is one of the holy grails of any e-learning initiative. Trainers and designers have been looking at various ways to maximize learner recall, to greater and lesser degrees of success. Now, with gamification-based learning or edugaming, you can take learner recall to the next level.

Gamification is the use of game thinking and mechanics in non-game contents in order…

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