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10 qualifying questions, make your own

sales-funnel qualifying leads gary tremolada sales trainer

Working with a number a sales team I have found that qualifying is one of the least understood processes in a sales process. So, what does qualifying mean?

The goal of qualifying to establish whether you have a buyer, a time waster or a researcher gathering information. This will determine the time you spend and information you deliver. You must remember sales have changed over the last 10 years. Buyers are more informed than ever and want a partner in a solution. This is critical distinction and more than ever “influence skills” are more critical than hard closing. That is not to say hard closing is not required.

Here are some basic questions around qualifying the buyer, change them to meet your own market space.

magnifying glass qualifing sales gary tremolada

Remember, price is a myth when “value” exceeds price.

  1. What must it deliver (product or service)?
  2. Who will use it? How will it be used?
  3. What is their timeline?
  4. What were they looking at and why?
  5. Have they used it been there before?
  6. What’s the most important feature/benefit/advantage?
  7. Are they paying cash or using finance?
  8. If we could find and equitable solution would you make a decision?
  9. Are there other people that need to be consulted?
  10. What part would that person play?

You could go on and on to determine the urgency or build urgency in the consumer.

Remember keep it “ethical”. You are providing a solution to a challenge that your potential customer is experiencing.

The other thing to keep in mind is that not everyone is your customer.



6 Steps in a Communcation Loop

Gary Tremolada and communication

Step 1 

Intention: Define the purpose of your communication. What is it that you want to accomplish and who needs to hear it?

Step 2

Expression: What medium will you use? Meeting, phone call, email, letter, fax , presentation, social media/video etc

Step 3

Reception: Who will hear it?, who will see it? Is there noise that will interfere with your message.

Step 4

Interpretation, How will it be interpreted? Good, bad and indifferently. How will you mitigate the potential fall out if there is any?

Step 5

Feedback, Listen, I mean really listen. Amazon use acronym called W.O.C.A.S (What Our Customers Are Saying?) Don’t accept the surface level feedback. Dig and find the underlying reasons or intentions.

Step 6

New Intention, Do you need to redefine the intent, outcome, result?