How to use negative feedback to be a better leader

Its an interesting article and really gets to the root of self awareness. You know we all have mental models of how we see ourselves until someone else/environment re-adjusts it for us.

The take away is personal and professional growth. The sometimes difficult piece to deal with is the impact it has on our ego.

The important point here is self reflection and the focus on process improvement for next time.
Thank you Danielle great article.

Dr. Danielle Clark

A few weeks ago, I gave constructive feedback to a colleague.  Although those types of conversations are never easy, the discussion went well. Looking back on our meeting, I attribute its success to my detailed pre-planning.

At the close of our meeting, I was feeling good about our time together, but then something unexpected happened — This employee said they had feedback for me. My colleague then shared two examples of when I had recently let them down. The feedback stung. While I had planned to give feedback, I certainly hadn’t planned to receive it. I was thrown off guard and immediately felt hurt because I could empathize with this person’s concerns. They were right — I could have handled a few things differently than I had.

Externally I took the feedback like a champ. I attentively listened to my colleague, explained my thought process behind my actions and took…

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