Professional Reading/Listening list for 2016

Professional Development is not a maybe I’ll get to it. It’s absolutely critical to your professional and financial life.

Reading, seminars, listening to books are invaluable tools that broaden your paradigm and open you up to new ways of thinking and viewing the world.

From a work perspective what PD does is it puts you in the “value” up scale not the “risk” scale.

Below is a list of audiobooks that I have listened to in 2016. In total, I have listened to well over 480 audio books in 13 years and that does not include ongoing formal education and seminars/coaching I’ve attended and completed.

Gary Tremolada trainer leadership coach

Some might be thinking, “I’m just too busy” and can’t fit another “to do task” in the list. You know what not many can, so listening and or read in N.E.T (no extra time events), like commuting and exercising.

The fact is that one of these books or classes are run by some of the world’s best instructors. They may give you an insight that will change your life both professional and personal life forever. Biggest investment you can make is in yourself. Get to.

Get to.

2016 Professional Reading Author MM/DD/YYYY Total Hrs
1 Retire Inspired Chris Hogan 12-26-16 9:24:00
2 Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover | Summary & Review Ant Hive Media 12-26-16 0:36:00
2 The 4 Disciplines of Execution Sean Covey, Chris McChesney, Jim Huling 12-26-16 8:27:00
3 How You Decide: The Science of Human Decision Making The Great Courses 12-26-16 11:50:00
4 Influence The Great Courses 12-08-16 6:11:00
5 The Psychology of High Self-Esteem Nathaniel Branden 11-21-16 5:31:00
6 Elevate: Self Awareness Through Courage, Potential, and Fulfillment Dr. Keppen Laszlo 10-10-16 7:56:00
7 Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data Charles Wheelan 10-10-16 10:48:00
8 I Know What to Do, So Why Don’t I Do It? Nick Hall 10-10-16 10:05:00
9 The Science of Mindfulness: A Research-Based Path to Well-Being The Great Courses 10-10-16 13:57:00
10 Job Interview Patterns Aleksey Sinyagin 09-08-2016 2:13:00
11 How to Build a Blog that Counts Raj Subramanyam 09-08-2016 5:42:00
12 The Little Book of Persuasion: Defend Yourself by Becoming a Skilled Persuader Sia Mohajer 09-08-2016 2:27:00
13 The Coaching Habit Michael Bungay Stanier 09-08-2016 3:10:00
14 Fanatical Prospecting Jeb Blount 09-08-2016 8:26:00
15 Algorithms to Live By Brian Christian, Tom Griffiths 09-08-2016 11:50:00
16 It’s Your Ship D. Michael Abrashoff 09-08-2016 6:24:00
17 The Greatness Within You Les Brown Les Brown 09-08-2016 4:46:00
18 The Way of the SEAL PDF Mark Divine, Allyson Edelhurtz Machate 09-08-2016 7:50:00
19 The Neuroscience of Fair Play: Why We (Usually) Follow the Golden Rule Donald W. Pfaff, Ph.D. 07-21-16 7:41:00
20 Do You Talk Funny? David Nihill 07-21-16 4:12:00
21 Hypnosis for business William Lockhart 07-21-16 4:10:00
22 Hypnosis: Instant Hypnosis Secrets You Need to Know Dane Xander 07-21-16 0:42:00
23 Big Results: The Steps to Getting the Results You Want, and Why Setting Goals Never Works Robert Greene 07-21-16 0:38:00
24 Conversation Tactics: Wittiness, Banter, Likability: Strategies to Command Social Situations, Book 3 Patrick King 07-21-16 2:32:00
25 Options Trading: A Beginner’s Guide to Options Trading: Learn How to Make Money with Stock Options Matthew Maybury 07-21-16 1:24:00
26 The Energy of Words: Use the Vibration of Language to Manifest the Life You Desire Michelle Arbeau 07-21-16 7:28:00
27 Anyone Can Write Books: Get Motivated, Get Inspired, Conquer Your Limitations, and Write Some Books! Dominic Cruz 07-21-16 0:30:00
28 Law of Attraction Harrold Glenn 07-21-16 0:50:00
29 Ask: The Counterintuitive Online Formula to Discover Exactly What Your Customers Want to Buy…Create a Mass of Raving Fans…and Take Any Business to the Next Level Ryan Levesque 06-16-16 6:13:00
30 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management Kevin Kruse 06-16-16 3:10:00
31 Managing Projects Harvard Business Review 06-16-16 1:11:00
32 Triggers Marshall Goldsmith, Mark Reiter 06-16-16 6:36:00
33 Are You Fully Charged? Tom Rath 05-21-16 3:22:00
34 Negotiating the Impossible: How to Break Deadlocks and Resolve Ugly Conflicts (Without Money or Muscle) Deepak Malhotra 05-21-16 6:59:00
35 The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook: A Quick and Handy Resource for Any Manager, Team Leader, HR Professional, or Anyone Who Wants to Resolve Disputes and Increase Productivity  Barbara Mitchell, Cornelia Gamlem  05-21-16 4:25:00
36 Living with a SEAL Jesse Itzler 05-21-16 5:18:00
37 The Secret to Success Eric Thomas 04-29-16 5:29:00
38 Now Is Your Moment of Greatness!: 30 Rags to Riches Stories That Will Inspire You Maxwell Harris 04-29-16 3:00:00
39 #AskGaryVee Gary Vaynerchuk 04-29-16 11:37:00
40 Living Forward Michael Hyatt, Daniel Harkavy 04-29-16 4:20:00
41 How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships Leil Lowndes 03-04-2016 8:59:00
42 Acing the Interview: How to Ask and Answer the Questions That Will Get You the Job! Tony Beshara 03-04-2016 9:05:00
43 Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used, Third Edition Peter Block 03-04-2016 9:21:00
44 The Like Switch PDF Jack Schafer, Marvin Karlins 03-04-2016 7:40:00
Hours 264:25:00
Days 11.5 days
Weekly 5hrs
N.E.T No Extra Time

2017 reading list goal is to get to 60 audio books.

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